US Air Force Recordable Talking 15 inch bear

US Air Force Recordable Talking 15 inch bear

➤ Key Benefits:

☛ This stuffed 15" bear dressed in the nations finest uniform is an excellent way to send YOUR personal recorded greeting.

☛ The bear has an opening in the back to place the recordable voice byte; to be heard with YOUR voice on every hug.

☛ This bear is extremely soft and ready to hug. Order military boots if desired (sold separately). Great for deployed troops to send a message home or anyone with love to share.

☛ If deployed with the military, call (520) 203-6965 and leave a voice message (up to 20 seconds) on our system, we will record it to the bear and send it on its way. When leaving your message, please state your name and order number. To receive this feature with your purchase, please find the product listed as "Say it and Send it (For Military Members)" and add it to your cart with the bear. 

☛ The animal is shipped with re-recordable voice byte, stuffed bear and uniform. This animal is big enough to give great hugs!

☛ An Air Force recordable talking teddy bear for anyone deployed to Iraq.

☛ A personalized military gift; your message heard with every hug in this air force bear


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