US Air Force Recordable Talking 15 inch bear

US Air Force Recordable Talking 15 inch bear

➤ Key Benefits:

☛ This stuffed 15" bear dressed in the nations finest uniform is an excellent way to send YOUR personal recorded greeting.

☛ The bear has an opening in the back to place the recordable voice byte; to be heard with YOUR voice on every hug.

☛ This bear is extremely soft and ready to hug. Order military boots if desired (sold separately). Great for deployed troops to send a message home or anyone with love to share.

☛ If deployed with the military, call (520) 203-6965 and leave a voice message (up to 10 seconds) on our system, we will record it to the bear and send it on its way.

☛ The animal is shipped with re-recordable voice byte, stuffed bear and uniform. This animal is big enough to give great hugs!

☛ An Air Force recordable talking teddy bear for anyone deployed to Iraq.

☛ A personalized military gift; your message heard with every hug in this air force bear


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