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How Can I Make This Mother’s Day Special for My Mom?

With its origination ranging back to hundred years, Mother’s Day first started in the United States in 1908. It became a holiday when Anna Jarvis honored her mother Ann Jarvis after her death. Anna Jarvis was a notable lady in U.S. history as she established ‘Mother's Friendship Day in 1868; she aimed to reconcile the families after the Civil War. However, apart from history, today, Mother’s Day celebrations occur in and around 50 countries across the globe. The day is celebrated to honor the devotion each mother has towards their children. So, here in this article, learn the best ways to make your mom feel special on this particular day.

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Matching Teddy Bears With Personalities

Choosing a teddy bear for someone can be a tricky process for an adult or a child.  There are so many types available in the market and they are all adorable. But how can someone guess what a person might like? One way is to match teddy bears with personalities and choose a bear or soft toy that they would love based on shared characteristics given below.

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Meaningful Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

Is your kid's birthday coming? So, are you thinking of giving your kid something very exciting? Well, it's very cliche to give your children toys and chocolates as your kid is already having plenty of it. Especially for kids who have everything, it is meaningless to give them the same gift again and again. So, here are some of the very unique and meaningful gifts for the kids who have everything

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Emotional Values Connected with a Teddy Bear

Is there anybody on the earth who doesn’t like a teddy bear? The answer is quite obvious. Moreover, who can dislike a toy so soft, accompanied as a non-judgmental friend? In a world where people think soft toys like teddy bear are only for girls and kids, statistics have proven that it's an utter myth. Around 51% of adults still possess teddies, while 40% prefer to enjoy a good night's sleep with these chubby buddies.

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