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7 Top Tips for Finding Fetal Heartbeat with a Doppler

Listening to your baby’s heartbeat for the first time can be magical. Many people love to hear the first lub-dub as soon as possible. Hence, using a fetal doppler, you can easily listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Fetal doppler is easily available out there, and you can listen to the heartbeat while your checking is done. But this doppler cannot emit the ambient sound, and hence, it will be tough for you to listen to the most precious sound of your baby’s heart. In this article, we will help you listen to the sound properly.

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How Teddy Bears Can Be Used in Schools?

Do you know teddy bears are a powerful and emotive symbol of childhood for generations? Teddy bears are liked by children a lot because it gives them friendship and companionship without any demands. Teddy bears are known to be warm, friendly, tolerant, accepting and compassionate friends that share good as well as bad times with its owner. They are given priority by both girls and boys as teddy bears offer emotional support in crisis and provide comfort and security.

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6 Reasons Parents Should Limit Screen Time

As per one of research, children aged 8–10 spend, on average, 6 hours per day in front of a screen. This increases to nearly 9 hours a day at the ages of 11­14. It's not just children who are being influenced by the rise in screen media. So too are parents. Despite the growing concern over children's screen time, parents are just as susceptible to spending more time on their own electronic devices. Here we have shared a few reasons why parents should limit screentime to set an example

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6 Reasons Why You Should Gift Soft Toys to Your Girl

Soft toys are a common gift option for young children. Stuffed animals are great for communicating both emotions and helping a child’s overall mental development. It can be common to see stuffed toys in the hands of any toddler or preschooler, regardless of gender or even socioeconomic status. With soft toys becoming increasingly popular, it seems there are endless ways to find one that matches your girl’s style. But other than striking a balance between fashion and function - they also play an important role in fostering positive emotions and relationships.

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