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How to Support Your Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 has changed our lives completely causing anxiety, mental issues for everyone, no matter how old you are. Adults and old age people can somehow handle the stress and anxiety in the current situation but what about the kids? They don’t have faced such a situation ever in their little life.

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How to Celebrate Military Appreciation Month

May is a National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM) in the USA and Many businessmen make the military deals. Many people would love to celebrate the month but they don’t have ideas on how to make it memorable. There are plenty of ways to celebrate and show their love for the Military.

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Extra Ordinary Easter Gift Ideas for Your Cute Kids

Hey parents, Easter day is approaching and I hope you have started thinking of decorating your home and preparing for the Easter basket. We all have several fun memories of the special day when we were kids. We all had colored the eggs, gone for Easter egg hunts, had fun in the park with family and decorated the house with a variety of stuff including stuffed bunnies.

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Contribution of Teddy Bears in a Child’s Development

Teddy bear is not just a cute, furry, cuddly & lovely item for children to hold tight while sleeping and playing with it throughout the day; it’s quite more than that. Many parents do not even know the importance of having a teddy bear and how it can help in their children’s development. Believe it or not, teddies encourage kids to deal with difficult circumstances.

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