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How Can You Use Teddy Bears During Homeschooling?

Home Schooling was not given serious thought before this pandemic. But now that schooling is necessarily conducted from home, students, especially kids, tend to lose interest in the entire thing. But ‘the show must go on,' hence homeschooling needs to be made more interesting. And using teddy bears is the universal hack for a successful home school.

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Perfect Soft Toys & Teddy Bears That Best Suit Your Personality

Have you ever given a thought, why do we call every single soft toy a teddy bear? Or if bears can only be termed as teddy bears then how to pick them as per the personality of a person. Isn't it confusing? But don't worry, there is no such term used for a panda or a lion soft toy. All soft toys are called teddy bears. Hence, teddy bears can be picked as per the personality of an individual. So, let's discuss what teddy bear or soft toy will suit your personality

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10 Common Misconception about Teddy Bears

The Teddy bear is one of the most popular soft toys that are available in the market worldwide. Other toymakers mostly manufacture it, but the most common one is Morris Michtom in the US and Richard Steiff in Germany. Teddy bears are one of the most lovable toys among the kids.

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Tips to Buy Valentine's Day Gift for Her

Are you someone who takes the whole year to decide what to gift your partner on Valentine's day? Well, it is always a hard choice to make when it comes to choosing the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your wife or fiance, or girlfriend. The day of love is not only about gifting something expensive or good-looking, but also showing your affection and care for your better half and telling those unsaid words through it. So, to give your ideas an easy flow, here is how you can buy the best valentine's day gifts for her.

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