Refunds & Returns

Returns and Replacements

At BEARegards, our return policy is simple; if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money or replace the product. No problems, no hassles, no arguing! That's just what we believe. We want parents to enjoy BEARegards as much as children, so our return policy is aimed at keeping you happy as well.

 Please contact us and describe the problem and get a Return Materials tracking number from us. This way we can have a new replacement item packed and ready to be shipped immediately on receipt of the return. 

Please no COD on the returns, we will gladly replace your product or refund your money for defective products; (shame on us for sending out a defective product); we will even send you a return label since it was our fault. However, if the products are not broken and defective, and you just would rather have something different, we will gladly exchange it, you have to pay for the return shipping to us and the return shipping back to you.  That sounds fair, doesn't it? We can't be held responsible for your personal preferences.

Also, please be reasonable about the time frame on the return of the product. You can always e-mail us to explain the nature and circumstances of a delayed return, but I think about four weeks from purchase date is reasonable on the return. Don't you?

Bottom line is this: We want you to be happy with your BEARegards product and we will bend over backwards to ensure you are satisfied. You are our best advertisers. If your child loves their BEARegards comfort bear or gift, we have confidence you will be a return customer and will tell others about us as well. We like that!

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