10 Fun and Simple Garden Activities For Children

10 Fun and Simple Garden Activities For Children

These days we often see kids involving themselves in the digital platform rather than doing any physical activities. But, it becomes the responsibility of parents that they should ensure that their children are getting enough physical activities. So, how can a parent make physical things fun for children?

Most of the parents get their off day on weekends, so they can plan for some garden activities for children that can keep them involved. But, it's the age of the children that decide whether to teach them some gardening skills or to engage them with a teddy bear. Hence, in this article, we will be discussing some of the best fun activities to do in the garden for children.


Best Fun Garden Activities For Children

Watering Plants

If we are discussing gardening activities, then what can be more interesting than watering the plants. This is a very simple task for small-aged children.

Buy a small plastic or light-weighted watering can for your child and fill it with water. Then, show them how to evenly water a plant by doing it first. And then let them do this on their own.

This is a very effective thing to do on off days as this will generate the habit of doing something daily. Moreover, this will grow their interest in gardening since childhood.


Plucking Fruits And Vegetables

Isn't it fun to pluck fruits and vegetables from the garden? Hence, instead of doing this on your own, let your child do it for you. This is one of the most interesting garden activities for children as kids love plucking fruits and vegetables. Give your children a small basket to hold and help them to pluck the ripe fruits and vegetables that you have grown in your garden. Teaching them about the fruits and veggies while plucking will enhance their knowledge too. By involving children in garden activities, they can gain experience and learn the importance of nature.


Removing Weeds

Children love playing in the mud, hence, this is one of the fun ways to let them engage with their favorite thing. This may make their clothes dirty but will teach them how to keep the garden clean and healthy. By providing your child with suitable gardening tools, show them the way to remove the weeds from the garden. Moreover, also help them to differentiate between weeds and plants. This will help them to learn advanced gardening skills from an earlier age.


Teddy Bear Picnic

Doesn't this sound interesting, a teddy bear picnic? Yes, this is among some of the very fun garden activities for children and adults as well. Make the weekend or holiday a special one for your children by adding snacks and teddy bears to your plan. There is no need to go out, as the garden will be the best place for a family to get together. Children will love playing with their favorite teddy bears and having snacks together. Moreover, this idea can be considered for the birthday party of your kid or any special occasion.


Art And Craft Activity

Childhood is the best time to learn and do multiple skill-enhancing activities. Supply your kid with some interesting art and craft items like colors, puzzles, drawing books, etc to play with and showcase their talent. You can keep them involved by asking them to draw certain things like their favorite teddy bear or to complete the shape of an apple in a puzzle. These are some of the things that develop the brain of the child and also one of the fantastic garden activities for children. Interestingly, this will save your floor and walls from getting an added layer of colors too.

arts and crafts


A Talent Show

Doesn't it sound interesting to see how talented your kid is? Organize a talent show in your garden and place teddy bears sitting as the audience. You can also add recordable teddy bears in between the bunch of teddy bears. Ask your child to sing a song or dictate the rhymes they have learned so far. This is a very fun garden activity with the audience, music, performance, and food at the end.


Physical Games

Physical activities are great for health, and especially kids need to involve themselves in physical sports to keep their growth consistent. Hence, to assist them, you can ask them to play football or do skipping in the garden premises. You can also ask them for a teddy bear fight with a giant teddy bear. If you have pets at home, then this garden activity will be awesome for your children as pets are the best partner for garden activities for children. But, don't forget to add the favorite food of your child at the end of these fun activities.


Flower Gardening

Children love beautiful flowers and it is possible to turn their love into growing the flowers. Ask them to start gardening and plant flowers of their choice, but you need to assist them initially. Teach them how to fill a pot with garden soil and plant some flowers or sow seeds. This concept of flower gardening tests the imagination and creativity of a kid. In case, a kid isn't that creative, then this will surely promote creativity in that child. Moreover, this will motivate them to actively take part in gardening activities.

Pot Painting

Painting the pots with your favorite colors is still a fun activity to do in the garden. Similarly, kids can also paint the pots with colors of their choice. So, for that supply them with uncolored or color faded pots and with different paint colors. And ask them to decorate the pot with the color of their choice.


Garden Cleaning

Another thing that can be fun and great to do on holidays in the garden is garden cleaning. Involve your children in cleaning the garden space by removing all the scrap. This is a very fun garden activity if done together.



All the activities mentioned are fun to do in the garden and beneficial for the kids too, as it has some good impact on the kids. So, whenever you get a chance, do organize these fun garden activities and keep them involved in multiple tasks.


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