7 Teddy Bears Games to Play with Kids

7 Teddy Bears Games to Play with Kids

For the parents, growing kids is the most interesting phase and also a worrying one. Playing and staying with them is quite interesting especially with the teddy bear. Stuffed animals are a great companion and playing partner for several things including sleeping, traveling, and more. Cuddly stuffed animals are quite cozy to snuggle with them in bed. Along with this, they are also good partners for playing activities.

Here, we have brought some amazing playing activities that keep the little ones entertained for a couple of hours. Here are few teddy bears games that you must add in your bucket lists for the next holidays.


1. Teddy Bear Fashion Show

Get some amazing outfits for your teddy bear and let your kids dress the teddies up in baby clothes or some fabric or towel or anything which can be wrapped around a teddy. The most important thing is; the clothes should look proper on a teddy. Make a runway in your home living room or any other place where you would prefer. Let your family members get one teddy bear or stuffed animal dressed up in fashion style and walk on the ramp. Also, let your kids do the same. Of course, you can dress up your little ones in a fashionable style. Don’t forget to play a fashion week theme song in the background.


2. Pass the Bear (Not Ball)!

Everyone has played pass the ball in the past at least once especially in the school or on a picnic day. Now make a little change in the same game next time when you play with your cuties. Just change the ball with the teddy bear! That’s it and the boring game for kids would become an interesting one. How to play? Let your kids sit in the circle on the floor or ground; now start passing the bear from one to another kid while good music plays. Now, when the music stops, a kid who is holding a bear is out. You know the rules, no need to explain further. Play this one with your kids and their friends.


3. Find the Bear

This teddy bear game is quite interesting even for adults too. So, the game is like this: hide a teddy bear or a stuffed animal that your kid loves the most somewhere in the room or home (if it is small). Give your kids a deadline of 3 minutes or 5 minutes to find the hidden teddy bear. Let your kids find it within a given time. If he/she finds the teddy; you can reward with something like money, school bag, video games, or anything helpful to him/her.


4. Organize the Bears

What do Little Ones love more than just playing? Of course, organizing and cleaning! That’s just a joke. It’s not true. But organizing the stuffed animals is quite an interesting one. Put them into different categories, however, it will take time but worth it to have fun with kids. Categorized means shorting them by groups like size, shape, colors, bows, faded, stitched, broken, etc.


5. Catch the Teddy Bear

This is a simple teddy bear game but needs to take care of some considerations. It’s similar to catch and throw a ball to each other. You can play this game with multiple players. But for that you need an empty room otherwise it may break something valuable in a home. Stand a few steps away from each other and throw the teddy or a stuffed animal back & forth. Be gentle while playing the game otherwise, it may harm your kid.

6. Stuffed Animal Rescue:

Make two teams of kids and also divide the equal amount of teddy bear per team so there can be a good balance. Now put the stuffed animals and teddy bears in an anomalous position that kids need to rescue them. Where to hide? Few examples are kitty in a tree, stuffed pig stuck in a fence, bear on the tree, etc. Each team of kids has to rescue them. A team that rescues all the stuffed animals wins the game.

In this game, you can hide a recordable teddy bear that isn’t visible but the sound like “Help Me” comes out from it. This will help kids to identify the direction the sound is coming from. You can browse recordable teddy bears online if you haven’t any.


7. Guess the Animal

Put all the animals in the big basket or in a large bag. Now, blindfold your kid (a player) and bring him/her to the bag or basket to take a random animal from it. A player needs to feel the furry toy & guess what’s the animal it is. Don’t forget to set a time limit to guess the right one. 10 points for the right answer and minus 5 points for the wrong answer. Set the criteria for winning and rewards. If a player gets 50+ points, the player will get a special gift. Isn’t it a good idea?

So, these are few teddy bears games you can play with your kids keeping the teddy bear and stuffed animals in the center. So, enjoy playing some new games with your kids!

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