Popular Stuffed Toys From the 90’s

Popular Stuffed Toys From the 90’s

Kids from the 21st century do not know what amazing things they missed out from the last 2 decades of the 20th century. A range of stuffed toys was available to play with and had played with them too. We parents have awesome childhood and memories that we never forget. Although we all had no digital equipment to play, our childhood was awesome; thanks to stuffed animals. Many of these ‘90s toys have tried to make a grand comeback for the last couple of years but will never be like their original debut. Here we have listed some popular ’90s stuffed animal toys.


Let’s have a look at the popular stuffed toys from the 90s, one by one:

The Secret Keepins Pups

These puppies with compartments were one of the most trusted friends of 90s kids and widely acknowledged by the ‘90s parents. The promise of a toy “keeping the secrets safe for kids” remained true by allowing kids to lock all their secrets & keep them safe from others. And the most important parts, it is wearable on a stomach, snap off & there is a key to open the secret vault.


Beanie Babies

Well, very few families have beanie babies at their homes in the 21st century but they were a phenomenon in the ‘90s. When a child was born, within a year, parents either bought a collection of beanie babies or got as gifts from their relatives. These little cuties are so adorable that anyone can start playing with it regardless of age. The Beanie Babies were first introduced back in 1993 with just 9 animal designs then within just a couple of years, the brand exploded and included 100s of animals & special teddy bears.

Over time, the popularity of the toys had decreased in the early 2000s and the ubiquity of these cute toys had diminished. However, few toy companies are planning to launch the beanie babies with new color, design, and size. Well, there is no official announcement; but still, 90s parents are eager to let their kids play with a large collection of these toys and remember their childhood days again by telling good stories of theirs.


The Tickle Me Elmo

Sesame Street had launched a new toy “Elmo” in the early time of 1995 and within a year, people got an Elmo fever and reached one of the highest-selling toys in 1996. The Tickle me Elmo is one of the unique and special toys at that time. What made it unique & special? The cute doll laughed, talked, and shook the body by getting tickled at the right spot by us (mostly kids). Children loved to play with that. Believe it or not, the prices for Tickle me Elmo was reached $1500 in the resale market in 1996 – one year after it was launched.  However, the original cost of the product was just $28.99. There were no toys in the ‘90s which got fame and popularity like this one. Well, you can still find it in-store with different sizes and shapes.


Yum Yums

Yum Yums was a multicolored animal with a stomach that had a certain type of smell and loved by the ‘90s kids. These old toys are still available in the stores in Japan. The Yum Yums toys consisted of Jumpin’ Jellybean Bunny, Peppymint Kitty & Lucky Lemon Lion. Once, this toy was become popular in western countries but now not getting good fame due to other relevant toys.


Stuffed Scooby-Doo

Who can forget a dog with long ears, big eyes, and back nose? Here we are talking about Scooby-Doo. It’s an American animated cartoon and appeared in many television series, of course animated. The first series was launched in 1969 where the Scooby-Doo appeared first time on television. In the ‘90s, kids were attracted to this amazing cartoon character and started loving it. Then, many toy manufacturing companies had started manufacturing and selling Scooby-Doo stuffed animal toys of different sizes and colors. If you start watching the Scooby-Doo television series with your kids, they will start loving it as Scooby-Doo has features a mixture of canine & human behaviors. If your kid loves to play with dogs, you must buy this toy for him/her.


Bonus: Recordable Teddy Bear

No, it’s not a ‘90s stuffed animal but the most popular teddy bear in the 21st century. The recordable teddy bear is one that generates pre-recorded sound when pressing the button. To get the toy, you need to first send your recorded voice to the seller. Then the seller will insert the voice in a toy that has a facility like a speaker and a circuit. Once, everything is done, you will get a teddy bear which speaks what you have told it to speak.

Final Words

I hope you have remembered the 90s memories when you see the name of your favorite toy on the list. Let your kids know the toys you have played with and tell the good stories about them. To buy a stuffed animal which is in trend right now; visit our website today. We have a wide range of stuffed toys your kids would love to play with it.


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Does anyone know the name of the colorful baby bear deco from the 1990s? I don’t mean the Carebears.

Elisa Purkiser

My 43 yo son had a tan & brown stuffed dog he loved. It layed on his belly and had a push button for sound on his back. His name was Napper. Any idea who made it?

Cindy Mcgary

My 43 yo son had a tan & brown stuffed dog he loved. It layed on his belly and had a push button for sound on his back. His name was Napper. Any idea who made it?

Cindy Mcgary

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