How to Support Your Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak

How to Support Your Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 has changed our lives completely causing anxiety, mental and physical issues for everyone, no matter how old you are. Adults and elderly can somehow handle the stress and anxiety in the current situation but what about the kids? They haven't faced such a situation ever in their little life.

Well, as a parent you don’t want them to worry about the current health issues but also want your kids to take the pandemic seriously and stay safe mentally and physically. Most of the parents have the same question in their minds and also making them worried is “How can you support your kids and keep them Healthy during Coronavirus outbreak?”

To know the answer, read on…


Keep Your Regular Schedule As it is, If Possible

Children love to stay in their comfort zone and wish it remains the same in daily routine. For the parents, it’s necessary to keep the schedule normal especially in the time of crisis. This is one of the toughest jobs for the parents because children aren’t going to school due to Coranavirus Pandemic. Although, you should have to get your kids up on time in the morning and sleep on time. Try to make other routines as it is like family dinners, morning breakfast, lunch, playing activities, family time, and more.


Discuss This Pandemic with Kids Honestly

If you want to support your kids and feel them safe and worry-free in the pandemic situation, you need to talk with them honestly. Keeping kids in dark will only make them more anxious. Talk with them regarding the current situation and explain how to stay safe now. Answer the questions honestly and do not make them more nervous. In short, answers should be delivered positively. Some of your answers won't be understood but that is okay. Try to answer short & simple.

Spend Most of Quality Time with Your Kids

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the schedule was quite different than today's. The highly affected human beings are kids. They can’t go to school, play with fellow students, go for outing, and stroll in the park. Now, they have no option left for the kids except watching TV and playing video games.

How much time such digital stuff can entertain them? A couple of hours. To avoid other health issues, parents should spend some quality time with kids and do some activities that indulge kids. A few more suggestions to support your kids during pandemic including reading a book together, look at old pictures, dancing, doing home chores together, preparing the bed & room, working together to do online school work, cracking some jokes, and share some useful information.


Keep It Positive

Appreciating teenagers for something they have completed properly is the best compliment for them. Using a positive language with your kids is the second tip. This way, your kids will not afraid to talk with you and make the home ambiance peaceful. It’s hard for a kid to stay home quiet for the whole day. The positivity inside the home can make them comfortable throughout the day.


Do Not Make Your Kids Bored

No one would like to do boring things. And do you know what is the worst boring things for the kids? It’s staying at home for a whole day. Yes, without sports and schools, kids can’t spend their whole day sitting idle at home. They will get bored that will stress them out and start feeling anxiety. That’s not good for a kid. So, try to get your kids to play board games, arts & crafts, reading books & pretend playing activities with stuffed animals.



Take Good Steps to Manage Stress

Managing stress is a big task for families especially for those who have kids in the family. Take time for your kids and do some activities like meditation, drink herbal tea, and exercise. These activities are quite easy to do at home for you and your kids. Let your kids understand the power of meditation and how it can help you reduce stress. Let your kids stay healthy and explain the situation and not to get stressed out in the current situation. Your children need your support in the current situation and spend some quality time with you.


Don’t Forget to Add Extra Love & Attention

Let your kids ask open-ended questions during family time, dinner & at bedtime. Give attention to your kids’ small activities like appreciate or help what they are doing. Plan a movie night at home and watch some amazing movies that your kids love not you. Don’t forget to prepare snacks and popcorn for kids.

family sticking together

Maintain Patience with Your Kids

Kids do mess at home and make noises all the time. In such a situation, you need to be extra patient with your kids. Share emotions with your family and give stuff to your kids what they love; whether it’s recordable teddy bears, video games, or books. Follow the above tips and get your kids to feel relaxed even in the epidemic situation where almost all the countries and/or states are locked down. Be with your kids and support them.



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