How to Pick a Name for Your Teddy Bear

How to Pick a Name for Your Teddy Bear

A Teddy bear is one of the most lovable and soft toys in the closet of kids. It takes pride in getting a significant place in the homes of several families with kids. Available in a variety of sizes, fabrics, colors and designs, kids love to collect teddy bears & consider them as their family members as well. As we all know that each and every family member has a name and so teddies as well. But the biggest challenge is to choose the name for a family member. Yes, it is. Because sometimes it may become worse and create disputes between family members too. Well, it’s a healthy debate. As each name carries great meaning, many thoughts & care go into choosing the right name.


Before coming to the main point, first, we should know “why do kids name the teddy bear?” here is the answer:

First of all, let us tell you that giving a name to a teddy bear is a 100 years old practice 7 has now become common stuff as bestowing the moniker upon a cute pet. The reality is that a name carries a significance & helps people to build a strong bond with that particular stuff whether it’s a teddy bear or any other stuffed animal. The choosing a name for a teddy bear is a quite deep personal act and many kids choose names for their teddy bears that have a great emotional bond between them. In short, naming a teddy helps a kid to build a deep bond with his soft toy.

Once the child chooses a name for his/her lovable stuffed animal will be remembered throughout life and of course, it becomes timeless. This is one of the reasons why giving a name to a teddy takes time as I said earlier.


Back to the History

The teddy bear name is taken from the former USA president Mr. Theodore Roosevelt who was mostly referred to as ‘TEDDY’. In 1902, during his trip, he journeyed out for a bear hunting. Then after, Morris Michtorn - a shop owner Brooklyn decided to create a soft fur bear as a political cartoon. Mr. Morris sought permission from President Theodore Roosevelt to give a name his creation “teddy bear”. Then the rest is history.  Seek the detailed information; go through our article on “History of Teddy Bear and How It Is Invented”.

The soft toys gained huge popularity in a fraction of time with both kids and women who toted their soft toys with them all the time. Since then, a large number of varieties and designs have been introduced and today, the majority of toddlers and 3-4 years old kids have at least one stuffed animal or a teddy bear in the toy collection.

Among them, the recordable teddy bear is newly invented and become successful in the 21st century where digital gadgets have overcome traditional toys and other stuff. To get a quick overview and buy a customized recordable teddy bear; visit our official website today!

Let’s get back to the main point “How Do You Name a Teddy Bear?”

Let us make it clear that the naming process is far different than the adults perform. Most kids simply select a random name that sparks in the mind quickly after looking at a teddy bear, whether it’s suited or not. Yet, a large crowd of kids does take a lot of time just to put a thought for their lovely companion toy. However, your kids are struggling to choose the right name for their teddies; we come up with the question you should ask your kids. This will help your kids to narrow down the choice and name a teddy bear with emotion.

Is your teddy male or female?

This will narrow down the naming process by 50%.

Does your teddy have any special quality?

Every teddy bear has its own features that make it special and one of the features might make the basis to give a great name to the baby.

Is there a theme for a particular teddy bear?

Several teddies come from a line of themes like birthday, creative craft and sports themes. On this basis, you can narrow down the choices as well.


Fabric Color as Inspiration

The outer fabric color can be an inspiration to give a name to a teddy bear. For example, the bear is pink and then you can name it simply “Pinky”. If it still not sufficient to name a teddy bear, you can choose the person's name. The possibilities are endless. But for the kids who want to name a teddy based on a person's name, they can do it easily as they do an analysis of the people who are living around.

Well, you have got it. Your kids can now give a name to a teddy in a personalized manner. Don’t forget to browse our online store to see a wide range of recordable stuffed animals.

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