How to Clean Teddy Bear Before Winter

How to Clean Teddy Bear Before Winter

A teddy bear stays lifelong with kids. There is nothing nearly a cute and furry toy than the teddy bear. It brings a happy smile to a kid’s face in the morning & makes kids feel comfortable when she is drifting to get a calm sleep. Kids cuddle and hug them all the time, especially at the time of sleeping. Your kid might not love to sleep without hugging a teddy or play some games without having it by his/her side. In short, a teddy travels all the places your kid goes most of the time, right? That means it carries a bundle of bacteria and harmful germs with every trip.

So, as a parent, you should keep your teddy clean in order to keep the child secured from bacterial infections.

Don’t know how to clean the teddy bear properly? Follow these tips to get rid of germs, dust, and bacteria from your child’s favorite teddy toy.


Machine Washing

If your teddy firs in the washing machine, it can be good for you to make it cleaned with less effort. In the front-loading machine, let it take a few spins through the machine’s wash cycle to remove dusty stains and daily wear & tear. Use a normal laundry detergent & wash it with a show speed to ensure your kid’s precious toy is both clean & also intact after getting washed.

Please note: check the label or guide for a teddy bear. For some teddies, machine washing isn’t a recommended choice. The button, fur, and internal fabric elements are generally delicate & can be damaged due to excessive spinning.

If your kid is mostly attached to a particular teddy, then we recommend you hire a laundry expert or dry cleaning professionals to make the teddy stain, germs, and bacteria-free.

Heat Cleaning

The word “heat” seems like it doesn’t suit the cute teddy but it suits well when it comes to clean the teddy and remove the germs like lice & bed bugs and sometimes the dust mites too. Heat cleaning is necessary when your kid’s treasured teddy has plenty of food & beverage stains and your kids love to play with it outside frequently. These are the main reasons for a teddy is getting germs and bed bugs on the soft surface. The only solution to get rid of it is “Kill off them all with heat and reduce the unwanted health risk”. For the giant teddy bear or recordable teddy bear, you should use a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner with a drapery nozzle to pull out grime & dust.


Get Rid of Bad Odors

Same as us, if a teddy doesn’t take a bath, it starts smelling bad. Removing odors is a need of an hour when your kid loves to sleep cuddling it throughout the night. Better to keep it clean and also make it bad odors free. How to do it? It’s quite easy. Put a teddy bear in a big plastic bag with baking soda and baby powder. Then secure the bag & start shaking it a few times. If your kid loves to help you, convert the task into a dance party. Once the teddy is completely covered with the baby powder, keep it as it is for a few houses then start dusting off with a vacuum cleaner or brush.


Clean with Baking Soda & Vinegar

When you notice signs of daily wear & tear, it is time to take a cleaning regimen by washing using hot water mixture & vinegar. Soak a teddy in a giant bucket & wash it with the mixture. To make it a fun activity, involve your child in the bath-time game.  You should use the baking soda to deodorize the furry teddy friend quickly.


Clean Teddy Bear Fur

It’s quite easier for a mother and a go-to option. Yes, it’s true. You just need to find out the stained spots and then apply the light detergent on those spots. You can use a soft cotton cloth to rub the stained area. Then after simply rinse it with a damp cloth and dry the teddy. Do not use the cotton cloth of bleed color, it may ruin your effort.

Gentle Shop & Washing Brush Can Make Teddy Awesome

Removing a light stain from a teddy can be easier than you might think of it. But for that, you should act quickly otherwise, this trick will not work anymore. Soak it in water and then wash the stained area with soapy water, that’s it. The stains will be pulled off and your teddy will become a new one in your child’s eye. For the giant teddy bear, a bathtub can be a suitable option to soak it in. Regular bucket can’t work.


Final Words

The above household tricks work well when the stains are not stubborn. For persistent stains, you should opt for professional laundry services. They can help you get rid of tough stains and also remove the bad odors from it. If your teddy is filthy and can’t be cleaned even after washing, time for a new one. Browse a wide range of giant teddy bears at BeaRegards today and buy the right teddy for your cute baby.

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