How to Celebrate Military Appreciation Month

How to Celebrate Military Appreciation Month

May is a National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM) in the United States and many businesses make the military deals. People would love to celebrate the month but they don’t have ideas on how to make it memorable. There are plenty of ways to celebrate and show their love for the Military, read on to find out more! 


National Military Appreciation Month, When It Was Started?

May is a special month in the USA to honor the armed forces. is designated as the National Military Appreciation Month. IN 1999, John McCain (Senator in Congress) introduced legislation to make it official. Well, Senate & House of Representatives adopted resolutions and recognized the May month to honor U.S. service members.


Military Holidays in May:

  • May 1: Loyalty Day - Established in 1921 to reaffirm loyalty to the US
  • May 8: Victory in Europe Day – the end of WW2 in Europe on May 8 in 1945
  • May 21: Armed Forces – Introduced by President Truman in 1949 as a holiday for citizens to thank military members for their chauvinistic services.

Now let’s back to the ways of celebrating NMAM and showcase their patriotism towards the military officials.

Donate Your Car/vehicle:

Yes, donating a car or a vehicle is a good way to support veterans. Well, you might think that how can you donate a car to a veteran and what’s procedure for the same. It is a simple process; you can donate it under the programs that help retired army officers and their families. Just dial the number 1-855-811-4838 or click here to donate online. The company takes care of towing and 100% text deductible receipt.

Send a Care Package:

Operation Gratitude is one that helps USA people to send packages to the USA’s wounded heroes deployed overseas. The packages contain magazines, DVDs, snacks, toiletries, games, gifts, appreciation letters, and more. Send your love to wounded heroes with operation gratitude. Don't forget to send in a recordable teddy bear with your voice or your kiddos voice recorded in the stuffed animal. This is the perfect gift for when sending a care package. 

Assist Disabled Veterans:

Disabled American Veterans ( is a bridge between volunteer and national heroes. Reach out to and know how to give your time to USA real heroes. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, nursing homes, hospitals need people to help veterans by driving vans, run shopping errands & assist them at their home or maintaining the yard.


Help Veterans by Telling the Deals:

It seems weird but worth it. May is Military Appreciation Month and many businesses offer special discounts, deals, and promotions for the veterans. Wait, let me finish. Again, you do not have to be a shop owner to give back for what they have done for you. If you know any veteran family, just let them know about the great deals come in the May month. Is there any other easier way than this?


Recognize Local Veterans:

May is a great time to honor the local veterans and highlight them. How? If you are running a school, organization, educational institute, bulletin, newsletter, or a firm, you can invite local veterans as a chief guest on a particular day in May and honor them. Of course, you can hear good and patriotic stories from the veterans. It’s awesome if a veteran is working at your firm.


Send a Card or Appreciation Letter:

We all know that our military officers or veterans who are serving countries away from home, living in a retirement community or relaxing in hospitals. How can you appreciate their job sitting from your home? Simple, send a card, or an appreciation letter. I agree that it’s a small gesture but a few words can create big magic. Send a note saying that what you and your family thinking about them. If no veteran is in your family or friend circle, you can contact a local VA hospital & get a list of veterans you want to send a card. This way you can celebrate the stranger’s day too.


Take Care of Their Beloved Ones:

If you are a neighbor or a friend of a deployed military member, you will have a good chance to help and/or take care of their beloved ones. Yes, you could help in mowing, pick up a kid from school one day, prepare special food for the family, help in household chores, and many more ways. This little help can give a break to the family member of a veteran.


Clean Up and/or Decorate Veteran’s Grave at Local Cemetery:

Some organization and NGOs put their efforts to maintain the graves of martyrs, they might offer their services in your city. So, what to do? You can distribute bouquets to the organization to show your gratitude towards fallen servicemen. You can clean and decorate the local veterans’ graves on any day of May month. You can bring your family member to the graves and tell what these men have done for you. This is a great honorable way to celebrate National Military Appreciation Month. So, these are a few simple but special ways to showcase your gratitude towards veterans. Celebrate the NMAM and tell others what our military servicemen are doing for us.


We thank you, veteran members, of all armed forces, for protecting us from enemies.

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