How Teddy Bears Can Be Used in Schools?

How Teddy Bears Can Be Used in Schools?

Do you know teddy bears are a powerful and emotive symbol of childhood for generations? Teddy bears are liked by children a lot because it gives them friendship and companionship without any demands. Teddy bears are known to be warm, friendly, tolerant, accepting and compassionate friends that share good as well as bad times with its owner. They are given priority by both girls and boys as teddy bears offer emotional support in crisis and provide comfort and security.

Teddy bears can be used by professionals such as teacher, doctors, babysitters and parents too. In school, education Institute or work groups teddy bears can be useful tool to develop positive interpersonal context and create a social environment specially for grade school level.


How Teddy Bears benefits students in school?

Honestly, say that you have never had a teddy in your childhood. Almost every child like to have a teddy bear. Do you no that it can be useful tool to used for students in schools, to teach them and help them in various other things. There are some benefits that you must know about having a teddy bear.


1. Gives confidence and self-esteem

A teddy bear is a traditional toy that is considered as a timeless toy often given to children as keepsake. Teddy bears are considered as an important part of growing for children as they provide comfort and companionship. Its not just the squeezing factor that comfort children but also having a teddy a friend to talk and keep away loneliness. Various studied has given conclusion that touching a soft toy such as teddy bear can soothe existential fear or can also ease low self esteem regardless of age and gender.


2. Stimulates imagination and helps as dream

If you remember your child days about how you use to give a character to your teddy bears, give them names it will mesmerize your heart. As children we were used to create whole persona of teddy and playing with them help to stimulate and develop imagination. Many trendy toys that come to the market every year are bought but everyone gets bored playing with them after few times. The reason behind getting bored is the toys have limitations but not in teddy, it is like an empty canvas for child where they fill life using colours of their creation. Teddy bears have no limitations and can develop special relationship with owners that can endure for lifetime.


3. A friend to do life with

Children playing with teddies are the great example for them learning and practicing huge range of valuable life lessons. The children get to learn about daily routines such as brushing teeth, combing hair, getting ready for school etc. With ranges of games that your student can learn with teddy bears they can learn decent behavior also aid good socialization. 

Whether your students are playing tea party or sitting quietly in class next to teddy bear, they teach students taking turns, sharing and empathizing with others the potential is endless. Teddy bears can also help them making new friends by giving students confidence boost and provide reassurance of having a best friend.


4. Promotes emotional wellbeing

New students may face a lot scary and difficult situation that can give them the feeling of fear and nervousness in them, so having a friend to cuddle with helps to tackle those fear. The principles about teddy also works in dentist visit, meeting new people, changing homes and so on. It is like having a giant stress ball, can understand us and always remains with as at any situation.


How to use teddy in schools?

You can provide early education to your students by the use of teddies in school, for many years this principle is being followed to give education to small children.


School bears:

These teddy bears are usually embroidered with the school logos, used as gift for children that sits proudly on their homes. These teddies are also sold outside to raise funds for school and students.

The class bear:

Class teddies are used as rewards to the children for various kinds od achievements on academics or other activities. Teddy bears ate also personalized with various massages that can perform variety of roles in class for teaching students.


Attendance bear:

Schools also use teddy bears to encourage students in attending classes. The attendance teddy bears acknowledge students with their cute little face that recognize them for their efforts.

Reading teddies:

Your students may struggle reading due to shyness or self consciousness or fear in front of adults. Having a teddy beside them encourages to read them stories that provide them confidence with reading in class.

Listening bears:

Teddies can also used as listening friend that a student can share problems, happiness and other emotions. Some times students might find it hard to choose words to share their problems with others but having these teddies may ease their little worries. Few schools also have recordable teddy bears that can record the conversation that can be analyzed by teachers to know about students and to check on their conditions.


Take home teddies:

Schools can also reward students to take teddies for weekends at home. That makes student feel special and encourages in academics in school to do farther better. But remember to be cautious that their parents mist not face stress for the teddy.


Helping in mathematics:

We all know that math is generally considered as a difficult subject for students. But school can use teddy bears of variety in size to teach them counting easily to bring interest of the students in the subject.


Teddy bear themed picnic:

A school without teddy bear themed picnic seems boring. Teachers can conduct a picnic in class that focuses on light-headedness and fun. Students must be allowed to do the arrangement works of the picnic, starting from decorations, costumes and also facial makeovers. This picnic will help them to learn many responsibilities.


Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, we all need a friend at hard times especially a small kid needs to have the feel of security. It's not always true that you can make friends instantly at schools but having a cuddling friend definitely would benefit you. You would feel comfortable as teddy could be a great friend along with your support for the first day of school. We have dropped several points in this article to make you understand regarding the benefits of bringing a teddy bear at school. I hope you'd be overwhelmed and find it helpful so, read it till the end.
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