How Stuffed Animals Can Help Hospitalized Children

How Stuffed Animals Can Help Hospitalized Children

Believe it or not, Stuffed animal toys are a great distraction from fears for the kids who are admitted to the hospital due to illness. As the doctor advises parents not to let your kids walk or run, Stuffed animals are only toys, kids can play without interrupt. There is no denying that teddy bears and similar toys in a hospital can help injured kids cheer during dismal time & bring comfort in an unknown place also distract from fears.

Parents and doctors feel helpless many times in the face of a kid’s injury or illness. Well, doctors do the required treatments to soothe kids’ illness and it is parents’ duty as well to bring happiness on kids’ faces even when they are ill. These both can help kids to heal better. Here we have listed a few benefits of giving a teddy bear to a sick child.

After reading these reasons, you will purchase stuffed animals for a hospitalized child.


It Soothes Anxiety & Fear

For a little child, going to a hospital can be scary especially those kids who do not know or understand why they are in the hospital. The pediatric patients mostly fight with overwhelming fears including pain and death, unknown hospital staff, instant separation from loving parents, loss of comfort, body power, and control as well. For kids who will undergo surgery should have to play with their favorite toys. Research says that it reduces anxiety significantly and can express their inner feelings with ease.

A well-managed anxiety level in kids leads to the most preferred physiological response to kids’ surgery and also manage their health in a better way. Toys can help kids to develop a positive mood so, allow them to play with toys and cope with hospital environments. Even this significantly decreases the physical symptoms of anxiety.

A Teddy Bear Makes Children Comfortable to Cope with Unknowns

Spending days in a hospital for a medical procedure isn’t less than a venture even for adults. For kids, it is even more frightening. They always think about the surrounding and unknown people around them. Playing with a toy can help build engagement with others. This way, they can start talking and expressing their feeling with the people in the ward including nurses and doctors. Playing with toys helps kids to become familiar with the unknown environment & also with the medical procedures.

Teddy bears accompany the kids to a clinic or hospital and stuffed animals are not less than the best friend of them. Let your young kid have a stuffed animal in the arms when there’s a blood test or getting vaccinated.


Motivate Children to Feel Better Even in the Hospital

Never stop your child to play with a toy if he/she can play or doctor suggests to let kids play. Parents, whether you believe it or not, it can herald the success of surgery or any other medical treatment. In short, a toy can become great medical equipment that urges hospitalized kids to step forward in a healing process. Stuffed animals, teddies, Cinderella dolls, stuffed cartoon or movie character are ones which help kids to get their recovery the next level.

These toys are also called a distraction object because it distracts the kids during hospital stay from some unhappy medical treatments. Moreover, it can be a true friend of a kid when he can do something but due to some medical illness, it’s not enough for a kid to do it.

As kids share their feeling by playing with toys, it helps decrease the intensity of hard feelings which generally gets built during a hospital stay. What does that mean? It makes things easier for hospital staff to cultivate a positive mindset that a little fighter needs to heal the wounds.


Help Healthcare Workers to Build a Bond with Kids

Stuffed Animals can change the way of viewing healthcare workers means can transform the hospital staff from ugly unknowns into caring peoples. Nurses mostly use this strategy to prepare the kids for the surgery or any other unpleasant medical treatment or painful procedures. For example, a teddy or a doll can become a demonstration model to explain how a particular procedure will be completed like placing a catheter.

Stuffed toys and video games are key components of a kid’s life. Using these objects to communicate with kids is a special method to establish a healthy relationship between a sick child & hospital staff. Generally, nurses and doctors play with toys of a kid to make the environment lighter for kids before starting a treatment.


A stuffed animal toy or a teddy bear is a great companion for kids and they can’t feel good without them. When a kid is in hospital, it says “a kid is not feeling comfortable”. To get yourself healed before sickness, staying a comfortable space is necessary. Having a stuffed toy in the arm is the most comfortable position of a kid when he/she is surrounded by scary strangers. Buy a teddy bear for your kids and let them play and build a good relationship; it distracts kids from boredom & fear.

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