How I Dealt with Low Self-Esteem with a Teenage Son

How I Dealt with Low Self-Esteem with a Teenage Son

Teenage parenting is not so easy task, especially in today's times when they are exposed to the world each and every time through technology. This is a very sensitive period in kids when they go through hormonal changes leading to physical as well as behavioral changes. Not only that as a mother I have also to deal with intense emotional upheavals in my teenage son. Today, I am going to talk about this emotional issues and also how I helped him overcome this problem.

Low Self-esteem and my son:

About one year back, I did experience some behavioral changes in my son. Always, I saw in him some mixed feelings of stress or anxiety and fear of failure that didn't look so natural. Consequently, he ended up in deep depression. He started showing withdrawal from all new tasks or mixing with his friends. And, I understood that the time had come to talk to him. We talked and talked and after a number of conversations I came to know that he was continuously criticized by some elderly persons in my family and that constant criticism grew a sense of unworthy and unloved leading to low self-esteem.

What actions I took:

Being a single mom, it was not so easy task for me, but I had no other choice but helping him coming out of this situation.

The first thing I did, started focusing on his efforts to try something new and encouraging him to be proud of whatever he tried to do. I taught him take mistakes as learning opportunities, not as failures. Thus, I could transform his negative thinking to positive thinking. I emphasized to the statement like'' I can do this. I've studied Hard and that's all that matters.''

Secondly, I pushed him to try new things. He loves dancing. And, I took him to a dance school not only to try new things, but also meet new people, better to say friends. It worked well boosting his self-esteem.

Thirdly, I helped him set some goals and make plans accordingly to accomplish them. You know, this also did a great job to make him feel better about himself.

Honestly, now he is quite confident about himself and doing good in his studies too.

Did you get through such issues in your kids. What did you do then?

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