Emotional Values Connected with a Teddy Bear

Emotional Values Connected with a Teddy Bear

Is there anybody on the earth who doesn’t like a teddy bear? The answer is quite obvious. Moreover, who can dislike a toy so soft, accompanied as a non-judgmental friend?

In a world where people think soft toys like teddy bear are only for girls and kids, statistics have proven that it's an utter myth. Around 51% of adults still possess teddies, while 40% prefer to enjoy a good night's sleep with these chubby buddies.

In this article, we will discuss some in-depth emotional values connected with these toy bears.

Brings Comfort

Around 60-70% of children love stuff that provides comfort and soothes them. And teddy is one of those objects or stuff that renders the feeling of comfort to them. For children who feel their parents are unable to understand them at times, they consider their soft toys as their closest friends. As they feel easy to share their feelings with them without any hesitation and fear of being misjudged or misunderstood.

However, it’s not only the kids for whom teddies bring comfort; it works the same way for adults. Research has shown these cute toys bring a feeling of relaxation for adults while they are low.

There comes a time when people want to avoid other humans around them. But at the same time want to have someone by their side, for such situations they prefer to have a soft toy to spend some time with. Since it's easier to express your feelings with someone who won't attack you back, these toys bring a lot of comfort in bad times.

Creates Happy Memories

While people were asked about their favorite childhood toy, 30% of them responded with soft toys. And that includes beautiful teddy bears for most people, including men and women. As per reports, it is the feeling of comfort and warmth they received from teddy bears that makes it the happiest memories of childhood for anybody.

Reviving the history of teddies, it is back in 1902 when the global market evidenced the arrival of the teddy bear. However, little did anybody imagined that even 100 years later, these toys would be successfully creating many more happy moments and memories.        

Also, a fun fact about teddies is that they occupy a life span of almost 27 years. Though it might sound crazy, if taken better care it can become a long companion. Some people have been treasuring their teddies since their childhood and can't even imagine eliminating them from their lives. Today with all forms of facilities available, it has become easy to buy teddy bear online without visiting the market physically.


Builds Physical and Emotional Connections

Everybody loves to feel soft and tender touches; it can soften even the toughest thing. Humans who are generally made of flesh, blood, and emotions tend to get nourished even by the furs of soft toys. Similarly, an adorable and cuddly teddy gifted by someone special is prone to build stronger emotional and physical connections. Sometimes these teddies become more like an emotional bridge than a mere gift.  

And not only emotional but also become a source of physical connection for long-distance cases. Just like, for a daughter away from his father or two lovers living in a long-distance relationship, a teddy can magically fill that absence. As per research, around 25% of British males carry teddies with them on their business trips. As per them, it helps them to stay connected with their family and reminds them of home even when they are away.     


Lessens Fear

Generally, kids tend to fear at night for many reasons like darkness or bad dreams. One such little girl whose name was Tessa and was just around a year old began to face the same problem. She often faced difficulty with her sleep and often woke up crying at night.

While in the day she used to enjoy with her brothers and pets, nights didn't seem to be easy for her with anybody. The reason for her disturbance was her bad dreams, and it became impossible for her parents as well to comfort her.

One night her mother picked up a teddy bear and spoke to her using a different voice. However, initially, she didn't pay attention to it, but later she got attracted to it and got mesmerized by its calm voice and adorability. With that, she also allowed her mother to relax her and put her back into sleep. This true story shows how teddies help to forget stress at ease.

The Epitome of Fun, Friendliness, and Warmth

The fat tummy, beautiful smiling face, and cuddly feeling of a toy bear hold the ability to make anyone smile instantly. For anybody, who feels alone or wants to cry, teddies become a perfect accompaniment to relieve their blues. The warmth and friendly approach these cuddly creatures provide sometimes become more precious than any other living creature.

Similarly, from kids to adults, no matter whoever you present teddies with, it never fails to bring joy and fun into that person's face and life. But a strange fact about these teddies is that grown-ups find it shameful to admit their love for them. Data says around 10% of single men accepted hiding their teddy each time their partner arrived. While on the contrary, nearly 14% of married men hide their soft toys when their family or friends stay over.

Well, it doesn't matter if it seems embarrassing or not; the matter of fact remains the same that these toys provide mental and emotional relaxation. Especially when anyone can now buy teddy bear online, there are no more chances to get embarrassed in front of shopkeepers.



Young or old, it’s hard to restrain yourself from the cuteness of teddy bears. The toys that not only evidence happiness but also had been a support during WWI-like crisis, where it helped soldiers stay strong and kept them connected with their homes, how can these be less valuable?

It might not be a very expensive thing to purchase, but the emotional values it holds are undoubtedly priceless than anyone can ever imagine.
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