Extra Ordinary Easter Gift Ideas for Your Cute Kids

Extra Ordinary Easter Gift Ideas for Your Cute Kids

Hey parents,

Easter day is approaching and I hope you have started thinking of decorating your home and preparing for the Easter basket. We all have several fun memories of the special day when we were kids. We all had colored the eggs, gone for Easter egg hunts, had fun in the park with family and decorated the house with a variety of stuff including stuffed bunnies.

Filling a basket of your kid is full of fun but it may become a disaster if you will not take care of basket stuff seriously. The time has gone when the basket is filled with just chocolates, candy and jelly beans. If you are still going to fill the basket with such stuff only; you need to start taking care of it.

Whether you are excited to find the extra-ordinary gifts to fill up the basket and surprise your cute kid or feeling confused in choosing the right Easter gifts for your kid; here is the list of easter gifts that can surprise your kids and bring a bright smile on their faces.


Egg-mazing Egg Decorator Kit

Kids always love to paint things and when it’s an occasion of Easter, how one can forget to color the eggs. However, it’s cliché, we all love to do it. Include this kit in the basket, your kid will be amazed by the color set and designs, your kid can create. With this kit, your kid can make some systematic and funky patterns.


Stuffed Bunny

The floppy-eared bunny is the perfect gift to give your little kid to have fun. Who doesn’t love to play with the stuffed bunnies especially the kids? Kids love to take care of a stuffed animal and on Easter, gifting a stuffed animal is always a pleasant thing you can do on a special day. Let your kid play with the bunny. Of course, the bunny has a washable surface so, no need to worry about that.

Here are a few Easter special stuffed bunnies that can make a good smile on your kid’s face. 


Recordable Teddy Bear / Stuffed Animals

This is something new for the parents but currently, it’s in trend. First of all, let’s understand what is it exactly. The teddy bear is customized with a sound chip and a small speaker. It means you can record your voice and play it whenever you want.

This is a great idea to get your partner or kid surprised with your voice message. How sweet is that! Just record your voice on a sound chip and let your kid listen to it whenever he/she wants. Isn’t a good item to be filled up in an Easter Basket 2020? Well, here we are discussing the gifts for easter day to surprise your kids but a recordable stuffed animal can be suited well your life partner and/or someone special in your life.

To get quick information for Recordable stuffed animals; don’t forget to go through


Kess Ice Ball

We all have played with a liquid glitter ball in childhood and loved to see the ball bouncing differently compared to a tennis ball. For kids, it would be the same; watching a ball bouncing randomly is a spectacle. The liquid inside the ball flows in a truly unacceptable pattern to elicit oohs and ahh's from the kid’s mouth.


Bunny Critter Kids’ Blanket

Easter is a festival of giving gifts to your beloved ones and kids are on the top priority in the list. We could say bunny is the center of the festival. Then why don’t you give a Bunny Critter Kid’s Blanket on this special occasion? The blanket is attached with bunny hood and also has 2 pockets in the corners to store the stuff. Isn’t it a cool idea to include in the basket?



Bunny Bedtime Game - 2-4 Years Old Kids

Bunny Bedtime is an easy to play bedtime game for the toddlers to 4 years old kids and they will not get bored while playing the game. It’s a kind of puzzle game with the following questions:

  • Which pajamas will a bunny wear tonight?
  • Which bath toy would bunny love to play tonight?

Such questions are asked and then your kids will have to answer. This improves your bond with your little kids. Even though, the manufacturers advertise it as for 2-year-old kids’ game, kids as little as 18 months to 4 years old can also play and enjoy the game.


Girl’s Easter Bunny Backpack

For the little angels, nothing is better than a bunny backpack for an easter gift. Isn’t it adorable for a cute girl? This cozy and super-soft toy can be used as a backup for preschool or family picnics. You can’t believe that the bunny backup is so soft that your girl can use it as a pillow for long traveling.


Easer is approaching fast and hopes the above easter gift ideas will help you get the right gift to give on this special festival. If you are thinking of gifting a recordable stuffed animal; you are a truly modern parent who wants to break the cliché and ready to gift something amazing.
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