Contribution of Teddy Bears in a Child’s Development

Contribution of Teddy Bears in a Child’s Development

A Teddy Bear is not just a cute, furry, cuddly & lovely item for children to hold tight while sleeping and playing with it throughout the day; it’s quite more than that. Many parents do not even know the importance of having a teddy bear and how it can help in their children’s development. Believe it or not, teddy bears encourage kids to deal with difficult circumstances.


The Transitional Object

A teddy bear is well-known as a transitional object for kids. it’s a key for them to learn how to grow and improve relationships with others. Let’s understand with a small question. What’s your first best friend in childhood? 90% of people’s answers would be a teddy bear or a stuffed animal. It’s the first toy that teaches your cute child how to stay happy in every situation. 


The First Relationship of a Kid outside the Family

If you are thinking that a babysitter or a teacher is a kid’s first best friend then you are wrong. It’s nothing but a stuffed animal or a teddy bear. WHY? It’s quite simple. They are good to cuddle and provide kids a good companionship and comfort. The most important, it stays always with the children unlike a babysitter and a teacher. In childhood, we all have practiced all sorts of skills with teddies.

Now, let’s move ahead to understand how teddy bears can contribute to a child’s development. Here are listed a few concepts; you should go through all of them as parents.



As said earlier, a stuffed animal or a teddy bear is the first friend of kids. They also love to be in a relationship with soft toys. Children learn skills through playing with parents, babysitters and of course, stuffed animals. Kids love to personify their toys like they give names & also assign the characteristics of a toy. Through this innocent relationship, kids learn to take care of someone, empathize with them and share stuff with them too. In short, the first relationship with stuffed animals serves as a good practice run and then helps kids to do some things in real, obviously in the future.

Improve Confidence and Comfort

A child loves to be in a comfort zone to feel happy, the same as adults. But the way is different for kids and adults. Kids can feel comfortable by feeling and touching a teddy bear. Holding teddy bear close, cuddling it & pulling the soft fur can reduce the stress level in unfamiliar circumstances. Kids can’t find themselves comfortable without their favorite stuffed animals as they do not make kids feel lonely.

Holding a teddy bear can improve a kid’s confidence as it makes a kid feels that someone is always with him/her in every situation. No matter how worse the situation is, kids can face it if they have their familiar toy with them. That’s why the first day of daycare become less scary as the child is with his best friend. As an adult, we have ever felt high confidence when our best friend is with us.


Learn Languages Easily

Here is not talking about languages like English, Spanish, German, etc. Here it means expression, vocabulary and speaking new words. Research states that kids who talk (obviously one-sided) with their favorite teddies are trying to speak new words, practicing what they have learned throughout the day and gaining confidence in speech. Practicing things with stuffed animal improve kid’s vocabulary and enhance the confidence in speaking with anyone. The pretend conversation is an excellent way for kids to express emotions, improve voice quality and also credence in their thoughts. Let your kid chat with a teddy bear; it’s quite good for you too.

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Increase Imagination Power

Last but not the least, teddies can increase the imagination power of kids and make them enthusiast towards new things. There is no limit to play games that a child can play with a teddy bear. Yes, it’s true and here is the proof. A teddy can become a super here, a princess or a pirate; it all depends on your kid’s imagination. Such imagination can play an essential role in a child’s character development. The most important thing is children have the full control of the game and so gain independence to play a game.



Again let us make it clear that teddy bears or stuffed animals are not just toys but beyond that. Since they start playing with them, they become an integral part of their lives. You can’t separate them but yes, through the toys, you can develop your child’s behavior and character. Let your kids practice social skills like sharing and caring with their first and foremost best friend.

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