Christmas with Grandparents

15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandparents that Doesn't Cost Too Much

A special Christmas gift for Grandparents doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Sometimes, the most memorable gifts are not costly and can be found in unexpected places.

This list of gift ideas from the adults or the kids is full of awesome ideas for Christmas or birthday!

1) Recordable Teddy Bear

A recordable teddy bear is a great way to remind grandparents of what's going on in their grandchildren's lives while they're away from them. Recording a voice message or reading a favorite book together can help make that distance seem shorter during this time of year when families get together more.

2) Personalized Christmas Bauble

A personalized Christmas bauble is a great gift for grandparents to remember their grandchildren with. It can be engraved with anything they like and this keepsake will last for years, sitting proudly on the tree every year


3) Personalized Mug

Personalized mugs are a great gift for Grandparents to remember their grandchildren with and show them how much they mean to them.


4) Computer Games

If your grandparents like computer games, then this is the perfect Christmas present. You can play on PC or XBOX One and it will give you hours of fun as well as giving you time together


5) Framed Photo

A beautifully framed photo of the grandchildren and their grandparents will always be a treasure to them.


6) A Chocolate Box

Grandparents like sweets too, so it’s a good idea to include some chocolates in your Christmas gift as well as any other little things that you know they enjoy such as cheese crackers or crisps.

7) Espresso Machine

Don’t worry if your grandparents are too fragile to start cooking. They’ll be on the road to recovery with an espresso machine, which is super easy to use!


8) Personalized Teddy Bear

A beautiful, personalized teddy bear is a great gift for any age group. You can have it made to look like your grandchild or choose one of the adorable models that are available. The best thing about this idea is that you get to record messages onto the toy, which means they’ll hear their grandchildren say Merry Christmas every time they hug it!

9) A Good Read

Books make an excellent Christmas present for anyone who loves reading. You might want to go into a bookshop and ask what books people recommend for someone in their 80s or 90s as these will probably be shorter and easier to read than those. There are many personalized books available these days such as "Maggie" or "Ringo". These books will be just for your grandparents and great because there is no mistaking who it's from!


10) A Personalized Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar, so why not create a beautiful calendar full of fabulous family photos for your loved one? If your grandparents love to keep up with the calendar year, this is a great gift idea. A personalized calendar is a really nice gift to give your grandparents this Christmas. You can buy one that you print out or get one of those calendars with pictures on it and every day they will be reminded of what happened in their lives each year. I know my grandparents would love this as they always ask me what's happening for the next few days. They could even mark important events down so they can see how old they are getting!


11) Collapsible Crates

Let's face it, parents are always toting things around for their kids. These collapsible crates are sturdy enough to hold things still in a trunk and light enough to carry around as needed. It's also perfect for loading grandparents up with necessities when they want to spend time with their grandkids :) I love that they lay flat for easy storage when you aren't using them!


12) Kid Quote Custom Wall Art

I have to admit it–this is one of the best gift ideas for grandparents and parents I have ever seen. You know all those HILARIOUS things your kids say?! Now you can have their adorable quotes turned into art. A perfect gift for proud grandparents and parents alike!


13) Be Present Box

I'll admit it. I spend too much time on my smartphone, as do many parents and grandparents. Remind them to be present and spend time with family by giving them this gorgeous “be present” box to put their phones in :)

14) Gallery Monogram Pillow

I don't think parents and grandparents love anything more than seeing their favorite photos of their kids/grandkids. And now you can have their favorite photos printed on a pillow for them!

15) Wood Sign for Grandmother

This sign is meant to be hung on the wall and read as "Grandmother." The wording has been distressed with a little white paint for an old-world look. The black background, with off-white lettering, gives it that classic country appeal.

Children love giving presents to Grandparents and they are indeed very special people who deserve a little something at this special time of year. This gift guide for Grandparents might give you some inspiration.
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