How Can I Choose the Right Teddy Bear for my Little Angel?

How Can I Choose the Right Teddy Bear for my Little Angel?

Believe it or not, a teddy bear is not just a toy but a friend for a lifetime. Today, the little toys are available in an endless array of designs, styles, sizes, shapes, textures, species and colors. For your cute little angel, a teddy bear is second to none as a friend. However, picking the right one for your kid is a daunting task and also a challenging one.

If you are wondering which one is good for your kids; this post is definitely for you. 

Fun Fact: Morris Michtom and his wife invented teddy bear toy in 1902.


Following the below points will help you pick the right one that will make your angle’s eyes dance with delight.

Keep it Special for Your Baby Girl


A teddy bear is a life-long friend of ones and we can’t deny of it. So, how we can give an old-fashioned teddy to a girl, as a parent? Gift your baby a brand new and specially designed bear so, she can enjoy playing with it all the time. However, the tradition teddy bears are still in trend but with some good amendments. For example, the new teddy bears come with recorded voice features. It means a teddy chants a phrase of words you have selected.

It’s a guarantee that your cute angel will love playing and give lots of cuddles to the special teddy bear you have picked up for her. Need anything more to bring a smile on her face? I don’t think so.

Know Your Angel’s Interests


First of all, know your daughter’s craze for the teddy bear and stuffed animals. Does she like horses, tradition bear or something else? If she likes special teddy bear; give her the special one, not an ordinary one. Otherwise, your money and effort will get ruined due to zero interest of your girl. Also, consider the colors; it will help your baby to feel comfortable with it.

Don’t Afraid to Ask Her


Remember, kids, do not feel awkward when you ask about her interests. So, when possible, ask her about color, kind of animals and toys. The reason for this is simple. Child’s interests can be changed from month to month. If you are still afraid of asking for teddy bear directly because you want to give her a teddy bear as a surprise gift.

Here are a few questions you should ask:

  1. If you could have a teddy bear, what type of it would be?
  2. Which paint do you choose to paint your room?

If she agrees with the elephant; your teddy bear should be in the shape of the elephant. Recordable elephant teddy bear should be a good choice. Quite easy, right?



    Choose Fluffy


    Even after asking so many questions to get the hint of her choice; you couldn’t get the answer. It’s time to opt for the furriest, softest and fluffiest teddy bear you can find online. Generally, toys websites offer you plenty of options to pick from than a physical store. However, you can’t touch and feel. In short, your little angel cannot resist cuddling a squishy-soft toy. That’s a reason; kids’ favorite teddy bears tend to be plush.


    Consider Your Child’s Age


    This is really an important aspect you shouldn’t forget while planning to buy a special teddy bear for your lovely angel. A teddy bear is good for your 2 years or above baby not for just 2-3 months old one. For the 2 to 3 years little girl, the teddy bear should be small, super soft and pliable enough so, she can hold it in her hands and carry anywhere. Generally, a toy for 8 years old kid is not suitable for your 2 years old kid in terms of softness and flurry. Many websites allow customers to shop by age.


    Focus on Quality and Safety


    Do not pick one just because of its look and shape. You should focus on the quality of materials and safety. Check the material softness and flurry element before placing an order. Also, check for the fabrics, construction process, how long a teddy will last, washable or not and a few more things. That will help you choose the right one for your baby girl.

    Moreover, check that the eyes and nose are not glued on the cloth but should be sewn into cloth. This will help you to avoid choking hazards.

    Pile Fur


    We mostly neglect this point: pile fur. The short pile fur is suitable for small kids and toddlers and long pile fur is good for 10+ years old kids. If a kid bites the teddy bear, short pile fur will not be stuck in her mouth. After all, safety is an important aspect.



    The Last Words


    The above points should be taken into consideration while purchasing a new teddy bear for your cute and lovely angel. Following these points, your baby girl will not get disappointed but feel happy playing and cuddling a teddy bear.

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