7 Sentimental Long-distance Christmas Gifts Even Santa Would Love It

7 Sentimental Long-distance Christmas Gifts Even Santa Would Love It

As you cannot live together every day, a gift for your long-distance lovely partner should be sentimental, personalized, and thoughtful. So, whenever he/she sees a gift, he/she would remember you and the moments you spent together. Whether you are celebrating the birthday, wishing him a happy anniversary, or say Merry Christmas; you just need a special gift to make the moment memorable.

Nowadays, choosing the gift for the partner is quite hard as thousands of options are available and it becomes even harder when your partner is far away from you. A gift should be chosen which can be shipped easily and it must show your partner that you put a lot of love into it.

Here we have listed 7 long-distance Christmas gifts that even Santa would love it:


Modern Photo Frame

The most lovable and sentimental gift for the long-distance partner is a photo frame. The most important thing is it can be completely customizable. The photo frame can be personalized with your names with some funny lines. You can design it in a pattern that matches your thoughts and personalities. Needless to say, you can fit your sentimental, emotional, and cohesive photos.


Keeping Time - A Wonderful Watch with Two Time Zone

If you and your partner are living in different time zones, you can gift a watch with faces that will show the time of each other’s location. Set one to your time zone and other to your partner. You should buy a pair of watches so you both can have one and always know the time of each other. This way you will know at what time your partner is at the office or home. So, you cannot disturb each other during office hours.


Recordable Teddy Bear

Teddy bear is an all-time favorite gift to give people of all ages from a toddler to a 90 years old grand nanny. But what if you gift a teddy bear with your recorded voice inside it; that becomes the amazing one. Thinking about its availability? Don’t worry, it’s available on the Internet. Bearegards offers personalized stuffed animals and teddy bears that record your voice or message in a bear. This toy also records the heartbeat and womb beats. So, if you are pregnant and your hubby is far away; you can record the wombs beat in a teddy bear and gift to your hubby on upcoming Christmas and let him feel the same beats you listen to every day.

You can also record your personalized message in a stuffed animal and give it to a loved one on the next Christmas. Shop a wonderful and personalized teddy bear for your long-distance partner.

Long Distance Bracelets and Pillows

A long distance relationship is hard but being able to send gifts has gotten easier! Your girlfriend will love the simple bracelet with some customization, she can wear to remember all the time. But make sure that it shouldn’t be ordinary like anyone can buy from a nearer boutique store. It may ruin your long-distance relationship. You should choose an exclusive one. OR You can choose a pair of bracelets one for her and one for you. Share photos wearing it and celebrate Christmas.

Long Distance Pillow is a cute gift for the person who is living in another city, state, or country. So, when your partner feels lonely without you, he/she can hug the pillow and get a calm sleep. You can write some personalized quotes on the pillow as well. For example, “Hug this pillow until you can hug me”.

Yes, it seems a little cheesy but a cute one, isn’t it?


Custom Clothes

Have you even gift your long-distance partner customized clothes? No, you should try this year. It may sound simple but actually, it’s not. Choosing custom clothes for a partner is a quite difficult job for you. Let us make it easier for you. Clothes that can be customized quickly in a better way are socks, t-shirts, shirts, and woolen hand gloves. Among these clothes, socks are quite good to customize it. You can simply print a few words on your socks that remind your memorable moments you have felt together.


Personalized Calendar of the Year

If you wish your long-distance partner to know you are feeling love every day of the year, the custom calendar is one of the right choices to give as a gift. Make a calendar printed with some crazy photos, special sentimental quotes, mark important dates or special events, and funny jokes that you only both know. This makes the calendar an excellent gift for a long-distance love.


Concert Tickets

You can buy a concert ticket for your partner’s favorite artist and give you as a long-distance Christmas gift. Let your partner enjoy the favorite artist’s live music concert and feel of your shared love.

Whatever stuff you choose as a gift to surprise your long-distance love, remember it should be meaningful & a quick reminder of your shared love. A distance may separate you and not make your Christmas celebration together, the small but thoughtful gifts will always remind of each other and bring you closer together.


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