5 Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Animals

5 Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Animals

When children are little, they loved stuffed animals. Usually, the more stuffed animals, the better! Stuffed animals are usually a child's first best friend in their life, especially if they don't have siblings. But what is the reason that children love stuffed animals so much? Here are 5 reasons why. 


They are their best friends

Children love stuffed animals Being a military child, it helps them relate to their friends and family members because they move often. When there are no siblings or family members around, stuffed animals are their first friends. 


They give the best hugs

For children, they need to have a loving surrounding and hugs. The best hugs usually come from grandparents and stuffed animals. The great part about having a Bearegards stuffed animal is that they are recordable bears. So when grandparents aren't around for hugs, stuffed animals are. Plus they might have grandma or grandpa's voice recorded in them, so when giving it a big hug, they can hear their voice. 



They can be anyone they want them to be

Stuffed animals also promote creative play and imagination. By playing with a stuffed animal, children are using their imagination to turn their stuffed animal into a sibling, a relative, a baby, etc. Usually the first toys invited to a tea party are stuffed animals. This helps children to learn to play with others, even if they are an only child. 


They can travel with them

Traveling with kids can be very difficult. One of the most important items that many parents forget from their list is their child's favorite stuffed animal and blanket. It's important to bring these items, especially if they are something that helps your child sleep through the night. It is also important to make sure that you have favorite stuffed animal #1 and #2 just in case! When a child is sleeping somewhere outside their home or going on an airplane for the first time, they love to have their stuffed animals with them. 


When they're feeling sad, they have a friend with them

If you are a working mom, drop off times are extremely tough. Having a stuffed animal as a keepsake from home can change the way a drop off goes in the morning. Kids are sad that they don't get to be with their parents all day long. Having a stuffed animal to squeeze when they need to because they're feeling sad is why they love their stuffed animals. 





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