10 Common Misconception about Teddy Bears

10 Common Misconception about Teddy Bears

The Teddy bear is one of the most popular soft toys that are available in the market worldwide. Other toymakers mostly manufacture it, but the most common one is Morris Michtom in the US and Richard Steiff in Germany. Teddy bears are one of the most lovable toys among the kids. Nowadays it would be very wrong to say that teddy bears are only popular among children as these comfortable stuffed toys are a favorite companion of every age group. It has also been a trendy gift item for occasions like birthdays.

These days recordable teddy bears are also available in the market. The stuffed toy production has again shaken its hands with technology for significantly maintaining its position in the market. This little piece of the recordable stuffed animals can bring everyone happiness as kids love to play with teddy bears. It is safe for them to play with, and often teddy bears are also given to adults to portray love, affection, congratulations, and sympathy. The name teddy bear is given to the stuffed toy after the former President of the United States named Theodore Roosevelt who was commonly known as 'teddy'. These days people have various common misconceptions about teddy bears.

Here are some common misconceptions that people have regarding teddy bears:


Teddy bears are considered non-living objects.

Most people believe that teddy bears are non-living objects. As a result, they don't have any feelings and emotions, which is true as these are stuffed animals whose sole purpose is to provide happiness to others just by their presence. But kids often consider them as their friends thinking that they have life in them, as they have glittery glowing eyes with a smile on their face. This furry mate can be as lively as you want it to be with your imaginations.

Carrying a teddy bear out in public places is entirely an embarrassment.

The above statement is not valid. Most children tend to carry their toys whenever they step out of their house for, they consider every toy as their companion or a good friend. It is not embarrassing at all for carrying a teddy bear outside in public, but parents often stop their children from taking their toys out as it might get lost or they might spill food or drinks on them which will ruin the teddy bear as these are soft toys and they tend to get dirty really soon.


Only children can have teddy bears.

The most common misconception is that teddy bears are only for children, which is obviously not true. It is pretty convenient that the children will be happier to have a teddy bear as it is a playful thing for them but for adults having a teddy bear can also be expected. Most introverted and shy people tend to have very few friends, and in that case, they tend to share their problems and emotions with this furry mate for its assurance of zero judgments, and also teddy bears are the best in time when you need a hug. So, teddy bears are absolutely an ideal and loyal companion for any age group.


In case you have no children, then it is embarrassing taking a teddy bear out in public places.

As teddy bears can be your constant companion and a loyal mate, it is not embarrassing to carry your little friend out in public whether you are young or old. People always tend to judge, but you still have to stick to those things that bring you happiness.


Teddy bears are boring stuffed animals to play with.

This is also something that is not true as teddy bears are the best-stuffed toys to play with and they are safe. Most people like a companion to play with them according to their will, but a teddy bear can always be your rescue partner. From kids to adults, teddy bears are still fun to play with.


Dirty teddy bears have a potential source to damage a person's health.

As teddy bears are stuffed toys, and they have no breathing life in them, it is absolutely safe. Like all other human beings, teddy bears need a caring, gentle wash to get back to their original look. And in case of torn or worn teddy bears, you can just fix it by stitching. Teddy bears carry emotions and memories with our life, for you might have spent a lot of time with them. So, throwing a teddy bear just because they are dirty can make you regret it later. 



Teddy bears can be thrown out like other toys.

As teddy bears can be maintained for a long time, it is unnecessary to throw them away with other toys. You can also give them away to other children who need them. This way, the teddy bear will also find a new home for themselves as well as it will bring a smile to someone else.


Teddy bears have no useful purpose for serving.

Whenever you have a bad dream or a nightmare, and you lack a person you can hug, it is teddy bears who have provided you with a comfortable and safe shoulder whenever you have asked for it. So, stating that teddy bears have no purpose is wrong, it has always been by your side at times of your need.


It is childish for adults to sleep with a teddy bear.

Often people nag each other about the fact that they still sleep with a teddy bear on their side. Sleeping beside a teddy bear often brings peace and comfort to people as one might think that they are not alone. Hence, sleeping beside your furry mate doesn't make you childish.


Teddy bears are just a lump of stuffed cotton and sponges.

People who have never considered teddy bears as a loyal companion for a friend will always think that teddy bears are just a lump of fur. The way human beings are only not made of flesh and bones, teddy bears are also not just sponges and fur. Teddy bears can remind you of all the good times and the bad times that you have overcome together. This lump of fur and sponges has always been there whenever you need a hug, so it would be very wrong to consider them as just inanimate objects.


So, these were some common misconceptions regarding Teddy bears. Teddy bears are a perfect and safe friend to rely on whenever you feel alone. It is merely not an object that will bring a smile to the kids but can also get a smile to any age group.

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