Recordable Greeting Card with 30 seconds of recording time

Recordable Greeting Card with 30 seconds of recording time

* 30 SECOND VOICE RECORDER greeting card - Record up to a 30 second message or song for a loved one. Easily re-record new messages until you get the perfect recording. The sound automatically starts playing when the card is opened. * SUPER LOUD & CLEAR PLAYBACK - We have engineered this card to produce the best possible sound; you won't believe how loud and clear the audio quality is! * BLANK CARD / CUSTOM DECORATION - The card is made of thick paper and has a high quality matte finish. The surface can easily be drawn/colored on or artwork/photo can be glued to it. * UNIQUE GIFT & SPECIAL SURPRISE - If you are looking for something special, from the heart, or unique to give to someone, this card will do just the trick! Whoever opens it will be very surprised! * MAILING ENVELOPE INCLUDED - Comes with a perfectly fitted envelope for you to mail your customized card in.


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